Are We Developing Information Indigestion?

Isn’t the internet wonderful?  Instant access to unlimited knowledge and entertainment.  It really makes me wonder what our ancestors did.  How did they remember their friends’ birthdays?  How did they decide which refrigerator to purchase?  How did they uncover the mysteries of the universe?  and, perhaps most importantly, where did they go to see cats? 

We may never know the answer to these questions.  However, I begin to wonder, –as I jump from video to video, and article to article, learning about biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology, and countless other topics– Are there any side affects to having anytime-access to the “All you can absorb” Internet Information Buffet?  Could we be over eating, and taking in more than our brains can properly digest? 

The clincher is that, none of these articles or videos really seem to satisfy.  We are left wanting more and more.  A question on a blog post leads to a YouTube video, which leads to a playlist, which leads further down the rabbit hole until we are nearly beyond hope of finding a way out.  And for all the trouble, is any of this information really helping us?  How much of it do we apply to our everyday lives, and how much will we even recall in a year’s time?

So, for now, I think I will take it easy on the blog posts, videos, and social media.  Maybe spend some time outside.  Or work on my to-do list. 

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