And So It Begins

Well, Today is the first day of the August 2014 Local Eating Challenge, and I have to admit I am quite ill prepared.  I did make sure to thoroughly gorge myself on all the leftover contraband I could find yesterday…but I didn’t bother to plan out my local meals and snacks for today.

Not to worry, though, because eating local is easy.  I woke up this morning and packed my vittles to munch on throughout the day at work.  Blueberries, greens, and cucumbers from a local farm, kale, onions, radish seed pods, and mint (for tea) from my garden, and a few peas from my dad’s garden.  I usually do most of my heavy eating in the evening, when I am home, but I haven’t worked out a menu plan yet, so I will have to take that as it comes.  (You’ll find I’m super organized, and like planning ahead)

I am feeling very optimistic however, because I have a fantastic accountability team and support group.  We will see how I feel at the end of the month.



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