My 4 Year Old’s Bucket List


Here is one from the archives (March of last year).  Made me smile.

My children and I were sitting at home, looking at a raised relief map of Colorado.  My son, who is 4, asked, “Are those the Andes Mountains?” I explained to him that they were called the Rocky Mountains, and showed him on the globe where the Andes Mountains were.  “Can we Climb the Rocky Mountains?”

“Yes!  Of course we can,” I replied, “But it might be a while before we do.”

Later, we were putting together a jumbo United States puzzle.  Each state was a piece of the puzzle, and many of the states had pictures on them, showing what might be found in that state.  It was then my son informed me that he would like to go canoeing in Oregon, hug a cactus in Arizona, and visit some hay in Montana.

At 4 years old, my son is a little young to have a “Bucket List,” but I guess he is getting an early start.  It is such a pleasure to see his sense of adventure, and his eagerness to explore the world.  And who knows, maybe our next vacation will be to Arizona, and we can all hug a cactus.

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