A small journey of learning.

The Peaceful Papa

Little lungs belt out a squeal.

I’m not being annoying. My voice is developing sounds unfamiliar to my ears. Boy, the acoustics sure are different in the bathroom than the bedroom; and different in the car and at the park. I made that noise!

Little feet squish mud between the toes.

I’m not being dirty. It’s cold and soft. I sink ever so little when I put my foot in it. Small, form-able clumps emerge from the gaps in my toes. It’s fascinating and new. It makes a cool splat when I smack it with my hand. How neat and exciting!

A small human puts a crayon on the wall and draws a line.

I’m not being bad. I can make lines on a piece of paper. I wonder what else I can make lines on! This applies differently on the chair than paper. And even more different on…

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