Memory Like a Box of Photographs

There was a time, not so very long ago, that our images were not all neatly and safely tucked away on our digital devices.  Pictures took up actual physical space.  For some of us, that meant stacks of photo albums.  For those of us less organized, however, it meant a box (or boxes) with all our precious memories stuffed in haphazardly.  It was always fun looking through that box, because you never quite knew what you would find.  Grandma baking cookies, fishing with cousin charlie, everyone piled on that old yellow couch.

I don’t know if it has to do with ADHD, but recalling memories can be extremely difficult for me.  I am pretty good at remembering facts, but I often confuse events and get things out of sequence.  In fact, if we were to take our  box of photographs, and dump it on the floor, you would have something similar to my memory.  Looking through it, you may recognize the people (or maybe not), the places, and the furniture, but you may be quite unsure of what exactly these people were doing, or what year it was.


One thought on “Memory Like a Box of Photographs

  1. Again I can relate. I have a friend who stays in touch with me I knew from our teenage years. When we are having a laugh about the good ole’ days he constantly has to correct me on the sequence of events! And for the record, I still have my giant grey plastic tote full of photo books (probably weighs 40 lbs and is so full the lid doesn’t stand a chance at ever closing again) as well as what seems like 50 million digital photos stored on various social platforms. 🙂 Just between us I prefer the haphazard photo box! 😉


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