Proposed Homeschooling Regulations for Michigan Families Could Create a Cascade Effect

Earlier this month, I was horrified to read of a woman in Detroit who murdered two of her children, and had been keeping their bodies in the freezer for well over a year.  It is tragic beyond words, and now, Michigan legislators hope to use the children’s deaths as an opportunity to tighten homeschooling regulations, as the children were said to be homeschooled.   Proponents of the new bill say it would simply require homeschool families to register with the state, and have an inspection by a social worker, police officer, or Physician two times per year.  The grandfather of the victims feels that legislation like this could have prevented the children’s deaths.  If children aren’t in school how can they know for sure that they haven’t been murdered?  (by the way, it was reported that some of the neighbors knew that she had murdered her children, yet remained silent)

But what about children who aren’t old enough to go to school?  should they be subject to twice yearly inspections?  What if there is a disabled adult in the home, or an elderly person who no longer works?  Without state inspections, how can we be assured of their safety?  What about people who have freezers big enough to store two bodies?  Or people who have kids and are taking Anti-psychotic medications (as this woman reportedly was).  It seems odd to limit the inspections to families who homeschool their children.

Michigan State Senator Pavlov, in his open letter to Michigan parents says that “this legislation would not have stopped Ms. Blair from killing her children. Blair was willing to break every law on the books, and routinely and effectively lied for years to hide her crimes.” He also says, “This tragic situation is not, and never was, however, a homeschooling problem.”

If this law is passed, this could quickly become a homeschooling problem.  At first glance it seems fairly innocuous, just register with your local school district, and have social worker pop in occasionally to make sure the kids are still alive.  However, this bill would bring to life policies that currently can’t be enforced, such as what material must be taught, how records should be kept, and the fact that anyone who wishes to teach their own children must have a teaching certificate or bachelors degree.  The many requirements (as well as the states ignorance of how homeschooling works) are outlined in a document from the Michigan Department of Education.  There is hope however.  Senator Pavlov says, “As the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee I wanted to write you today to assure you that this anti-parent legislation will not see the light of day in my Committee.”

I don’t have the words to describe my sorrow for the children, their family and friends, and especially their surviving siblings.  I just don’t want to see their death used as an opportunity for a power grab by politicians.

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4 thoughts on “Proposed Homeschooling Regulations for Michigan Families Could Create a Cascade Effect

  1. Great post! As a Michigan resident, and having one child who homeschools, I think that this is a tough situation where I feel they are going to monitor the masses due to the 1% who should of never been parents in the first place. Where are they going to find the resources to monitor the thousands of children who homeschool, when the DHS cannot even take care of the children they are already supposed to be checking up on. Too often recently I am hearing about children who have been killed when the non-custodial parent filed numerous complaints and concerns about the safety of their child(ren). Very sad.

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  2. When sin abounds people who don’t know the God of the bible have only one choice to attempt to create unity within that country, making laws. We have Jesus Christ and the message He preached. The problem they don’t understand is it is only God who creates unity through believing in His Son Jesus the Christ.


    • That is definitely one way of looking at it. I am sure that there are many who would agree, and many who would disagree. Muslims may that feel Islam is the only way to unite us. Hindus, Buddhists, Pantheists, Atheists, and Wiccans may have their own ideas about how to unite us. I suppose a lot of it comes down to perspective.

      If you enjoy discussing religion, you may want to check out my other blog “Do You Believe That?”:


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