The Greatest Influence in Your Child’s Life

10347564_803849806300873_1315401923423764168_nWhether we like it or not, we are the single greatest influence on our children.  More than the books they read.  More than what they watch on TV.  More than the music they listen to.  They are watching our reactions, testing our limitations, and (believe it or not) listening to every word we say.  They observe how we treat our spouses, they notice how we treat ourselves.  They absorb our anger, feel our frustration, bask in our joy, and long for our approval.

They have been entrusted to our care, and we have an everlasting impact on their souls.  We shape their lives and their futures, and one of the best things that we can do is to let them be involved in our daily lives.  Cooking, cleaning, fixing, gardening.  Dishes will be broken, tools will get lost, and messes will be made:  Lessons will be learned, bonds will be strengthened, and spirits will be nourished.

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