Choose Your Words Wisely

Positive negative
Your children will have plenty of people in their lives telling them that they are wrong.  They will have no shortage of voices saying “You can’t,” “You’re not good enough,” “You’ll never make it.”  There will be enough people telling them to sit down, to shut up, and to give up.  To be someone they are not.  There will be no lack of negative opinions about their choices.

But if you never say, “I believe in you,” they may never hear it.
If you never say, “I’ll always love you,” they may never believe it.
If you never say, “Keep trying, I know you can do it,” they might just give up.

You can always count on someone else to break your child down, but there may never be anyone else to build them up.

The words you say to your child become the voice that they hear inside themselves for the rest of their lives.  Choose your words wisely.

10 thoughts on “Choose Your Words Wisely

    • I was often a tear down parent, and I still am at times. Honestly I think it is the way most of us were raised. It takes some serious conscious effort to change behavior patterns that are so entrenched in our society.


  1. I am so agree with you! We need to build our kids up as no one else would. Although I’ve never break my child down…so far… but you never know when the trigger comes and you get so frustrated that you just say out the word. I still constantly remind myself to think properly before saying out loud to them. Your article is a great reminder to me 🙂

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  2. Terrific post! What brought us to home schooling was a lack of belief in our son’s abilities by the school. Children know when that happens and it is devastating. What a great reminder for everyone!

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