Get The Life You Want: Part 1


A few months back i decided to write a book documenting my journey to my dream life, and helping others to accomplish their dreams.  It is not finished yet, but I have decided to start publishing it a few paragraphs at a time as a blog series entitled “Get The Life You Want.”

Shuffling paperwork for 4o hours a week for 40 plus years, pinching pennies for a meager retirement, and then dying, is probably not your dream life.  I know it isn’t mine.  But in the western world, that is what many of us are electing to do.  We are told to be grateful for this.  “Just be glad you have a job,” or “It could be a lot worse,” or “At least you can put food on the table.” But if we’ve got it so good, why are we not putting more of our energies into helping those who don’t?  Why aren’t we creating systems where everyone benefits, and no one is struggling?  Sure, It could be worse, but it also could be a hell of a lot better.

It seems we have become a sort of fuel.  Fuel for an economic, industrial, commercial system.  To the corporate leaders of the world, we are nothing but a resource, and just like any other resource, they exploit us until there is nothing left.  Well, nearly nothing.  We are, of course, left with the weekends, because they rely on us in two capacities.  Not only are we the valuable laborers, buzzing away at our various thankless and meaningless jobs, we are also mindless consumers.  Trained by so called entertainment, (which is really just highly manipulative advertising in disguise) to believe that if we just had this product, or that car, then we would be happy.  So, we are afforded a small amount of time to fill our role as consumers, and numb our minds with sugar, possessions, and alcohol.  How can any of us be content with an existence that rapes the planet and insults our intelligence?  And all for the benefit of a select few.  It’s time we all started benefiting.  It’s time we started replacing old systems, becoming more innovative, making the world a better place, and getting the life we want in the process.  It’s time we started dreaming big.

Look for part 2 of this series “Dreaming Big” to be published tomorrow, April 4th.


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