Dream Big [Get The Life You Want: Part 2]

This is part 2 in the series ‘Get The Life You Want.’  Part 1 can be found here


A few months back i decided to write a book documenting my journey to my dream life, and helping others to accomplish their dreams.  It is not finished yet, but I have decided to start publishing it a few paragraphs at a time as a blog series.

Most of us probably aren’t living our dream life.  I know I’m not.  In fact, I am not even living a life that aligns with my moral and ethical values, but I’m getting there.  It’s a journey.  It’s an adventure.  And every day I’m a little bit closer to living my dream.

Millionaire-Pastor.  Space traveling Astronaut.  Rock Legend.  Those were some of my childhood dreams.  I was bold and uninhibited.  I let my imagination run wild and followed my passions.  but something happened.  Adults that I trusted and respected performed their mature and adultly duty of crushing the dreams of small children.  They began to explain to me all the reasons my dreams would never come true.  So I began the process of deflating my dreams, lowering my goals, and tempering my ambitions.  I could never be who I wanted to be, I could never have the life I wanted to have.  That,  I was told, was reserved for the select few.  The fortunate.  The elite.  Eventually, when my dreams had shrunk sufficiently, I reached the point when I had scarcely any ambition at all.  No drive.  No motivation.  I had a new dream, one that was a lot harder to fail at:  Do the minimum, just enough to get by.  Exert the smallest amount of effort possible.  My schoolwork suffered, my grades plummeted, my hygiene was meager at best.  for over a decade, I lived that dream. Even as I enter red adulthood.  In fact, the remnants and shadows of that dream haunt me to this day.

I have once again decided to be bold, and dream big.  Not only because I am No longer satisfied with a mediocre meaningless existence, but because dreaming big, an making those dreams happen , is the only way to tackle all the serious problems our society is currently facing. It is the only way for all humans to live in abundance.

My dream is to create a sustainable, ethical, and accessible way for any and every human to get the life they want, radically improve society, an live in abundance.  That is why I came to this planet.  That is my purpose, my mission, and my vision.

What is your dream?  What does your dream life look like?  If you could do anything, have anything , or be anything?  What do you want to give to the world? What would you change?  How do you want to be remembered?

You may have a difficult time answering these questions.  Or, you may be saying, “I just want a good job” or “I just want enough to be comfortable.”  How can you be satisfied merely with your own comfort when you have so many unique and powerful gifts to offer, and there are so many who depend on you?  For many of us, our dreams have been shoved so far inside that we don’t even know where to find them.  We might not even be sure if we ever had any at all.  But rest assured , you have a dream, you have a purpose, and the success and future of humanity depends on you realizing that dream.

In order to bring that dream to the surface, you’ll need to do a significant amount of self discovery.

The next installment will focus on self awareness and self discovery.  These are essential for manifesting your dream, and they are the first steps on the path to the life you were meant to live.



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