11 Reasons You Should Stop Reading Clickbait Articles (Number 3 will make you shit your pants)


Clickbait is still a thing.  So many blogs and news websites I visit have that hideous column that re-uses the same photo-shopped pictures and ridiculous headlines.  And do you know what that tells me?  It works.  People are clicking on that crap and these websites are somehow making money off of it.  There are so many people putting their heart and soul into adding valuable content to the internet, and you would rather look at the worst the internet has to offer.  Shame on you.

1.  The content rarely lives up to the title.

2.  It’s all crap you’ve seen before

3.  They make empty promises (Notice the lack of feces in your pants)

4.  The lists are often repetitive

5.  If the article had a normal title you probably wouldn’t read it

6.  A lot of times there are identical items listed twice

7.   If you keep clicking on it, they’ll keep making it, and the madness will never stop

8.  You would be embarrassed if your boss walked in and saw you reading that tripe

9.  They are often redundant

10.  I asked you nicely.  That should be enough

11.  You seriously don’t have anything better to do?  What is wrong with you?