Stop Trying To Control People

22thebestwaytocontrolpeople0aistoencouragethem0atobemischievous220a-default“Even though you try to put people under control, it is impossible. You cannot do it. The best way to control people is to encourage them to be mischievous. Then they will be in control in a wider sense. To give your sheep or cow a large spacious meadow is the way to control him. So it is with people: first let them do what they want, and watch them. This is the best policy. To ignore them is not good. That is the worst policy. The second worst is trying to control them. The best one is to watch them, just to watch them, without trying to control them.”   Shunryu Suzuki


Dealing With People

It can be quite frustrating, dealing with people.  Spouses, children, neighbors, co-workers, friends, and strangers.  And now, with the power of the internet, and social media, we can be frustrated remotely.  People, with their wily ways can cause a lot of angst, irritation, and rage.

It is important to remember, that we are all different.  Not everyone has the same tools in their toolbox, and every single person is doing the absolute as good as they are able with what they have.  Some people are lazy, some people are rude, some people have trouble controlling their anger.  The best thing we can do is to accept people for who they are, and look on them with compassion, understanding, and love.  We may never know what it is like to run in their shoes, but we can know that while their form may not be perfect, they are running the best mile they can.  And that is all we can ask from anyone.